Friday, May 17, 2013

GUI Pack #1 and MineLittlePony Mod

It's been a while, but here's some new things for you to get for CanterlotCraft! Everyone of you is amazing for supporting this texture pack!

First new thing: A GUI pack! You can change your menus to any of the following themes, or mix and match as you see fit!

The following GUIs are included in this pack:

  • Applejack
  • Fluttershy
  • Pinkie Pie
  • Princess Cadence
  • Princess Celestia
  • Princess Luna
  • Queen Chrysalis
  • Rainbow Dash
  • Rarity
  • Twilight Sparkle
  • Vinyl Scratch
I am always open to ideas for more GUI flavors, so please put your suggestion in the comments below! I will make the limits of no grey ponies and no OCs at this time. Not to be mean, but that's how I'm gonna roll, and keep this pack as close to canon as possible.

More new stuff: I'm adding more MineLittlePony mod stuff, since the recent update to that mod. This includes the Pony Villagers and Zombies (if I've missed anything concerning that pack, please let me know in the comments.)

I'm releasing some fixes for CanterlotCraft, since I open admit I don't pay full attention to every little detail ^^; Nobody's perfect, I'm a great example of that! Thanks for being patient cause of my scatterbrainedness. The current version should included support for MineLittlePony additions, as well as extra mobs if you have Optifine installed.

You can get all of these items from the sidebar on the right. Thank you everyone for your kindness and patience as I drag my butt on the carpet like a dog with...issues.

Since MinecraftCustomizers -still- hasn't updated their customizer, I'll be working on getting alternate textures out in a separate package. I feel awful that they can't get off their patoots and update for their users, but I feel my hands are tied into an awkward position concerning their website. I'll be working on that, and hope to have that completed soon, as I like to have fun with different textures.

In other news, I'm planning out another CanterlotCraft pack, this one separate from the current one. I won't divulge any details on it, as this pack is still in the planning phase, but I assure you, it will be grand (at least I'm hoping it will be).

That should do for now everyone! Keep smiling!

~Plum Blossom

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