Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year, Same stuff

Just a quick update for the followers.

I've managed to replace my laptop's brick, so the files of anything in-progress for CCraft are now obtainable. I will begin working on new textures shown in the snapshots soon, and as usual will release them when 1.8 is released.

I know some people are confused and ask me, "Plum, how come you don't update for some updates and not others?" I read the blotters when the game launches. If it says that a new block/item/entity has been introduced, I will usually go out of my way to make a texture for it. If not, and it's just technical things like improving performance of the game itself, I just let it be. I am quite lazy most of the time (you should see my WIP pile of crocheted items, huge), so when I see an update such as the latter example, I just shrug it off till the next MAJOR update (new content, items/blocks/entities, you get the idea). I also try to follow the snapshots and go file diving for new blocks and the like. I try to keep up, but circumstances being what they are sometimes, I get behind on things (CCraft is not a huge priority, I make it for fun), I'm only human, and I have flaws like anyone else, so try not to lift me upon a pedestal, it only makes me look down on you (see what I did there?)

Anyway, thanks for reading my crazed ramblings. I wanted everyone who follows here that I am indeed alive and well (for the most part), and I'll try to throw as much energy as I can spare toward CCraft.

Till next time,