Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Content Preview!

Applejack textures preview
I've been a busy little bee, working on bringing back textures I used to have uploaded to Minecraft Customizer. There were some textures that were based on items found in the background, mainly from the homes of the main cast, and I'm making the endeavor to bring them forward in time to the current version(s) of Minecraft. I've got most of the Applejack alternatives decided upon, and I'll be making separate packs for each pony and probably a pack of miscellaneous ones for your browsing pleasure.

Applejack is nearly finished, and after that I'll be working up some alternate textures based on Fluttershy's house, and just work my way down the line. There may be duplicates from the original CanterlotCraft, as I tried to include a lot of background objects from the show contained in some packs, but I'll do my best to get new textures churned out for each pack.


~Plum Blossom