Friday, October 26, 2012

Pretty Scary Update aka Minecraft 1.4

Holy cow there's a lot of stuff added here! I'd love to make a list, but my brain's still a bit frizzled from making SO MANY CHANGES!  I think I'll leave the discoveries of all the changes to you guys, since there's so many!

Big news: I've put this pack up on (at the behest of my good friend Sslazze)! What does this mean? It means you can customize the pack as you like. I've added some new designs there, so I hope you'll visit the pack there and customize it to your heart's content! What's great is that I'll be adding exclusive texture options to that page, but if you still want to download on PlanetMinecraft and here, I'll still do updates here; you'll be getting the version I used at the time of upload, but I will still include all the GUI folders so you can customize your gui, but for custom items and terrain, you'll have to visit MCC.

Some changes off the top of my head as I think of them

Cadance GUI
Have added in all the 1.4 changes, including terrain files and mobs.
Reworked several gui canopies to look nicer.

Many new designs are on, so check them out! I'll be updating there as frequently as possible (at least with my schedule irl).

I hope you all enjoy this update! I want to thank everyone who's downloaded CCraft and supported me through my horrible bouts of procrastination with this, and hopefully I can complete this to a point where I can start making more texture packs in the future.

If you EVER want to play with me, check out Do be sure to read the rules, everyone spawns with a copy of them, so please read them.

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