Monday, September 5, 2011


Been busy texturizing for 1.8 stuff. One of the giant mushrooms has changed color from red to violet (I can't get enough violet). I also retextured for mossy/cracked/stone brick. I have an alternate design set aside for the stone brick if nobody likes it, as it's very similar to the pattern in the given default texture. I fixed up vines, watermelons and iron bars as well. For items, I've been busy texturing armors, and finished the iron set. Iron has an amber/pearl jewel featured for an accent.

Plans for more stuff
-Going to change dyes into more jewels
-Do the other meats (update porkchops, steaks and chicken)
-Fiddle around with tools some more
-Skin up Endermen and the Blue Spiders once the textures are released
-GUI Flavors for your favorite pony, and possibly just a plain default one based on colors from the show's logo. (Currently the pack has a Rainbow Dash theme, since it was the first one that came to mind) I'm happy to do requests for background/lesser ponies, but that may take time as the 1.8 update will keep me busy for a bit.
-Skin up the achievements screen
-Get going on the kz file for pony-related art in-game. I'm hoping to get permission from the folks who have already created kz files with ponies in them, but I'll more than likely be making my own file with neat things to use for paintings.

I am considering supporting for some mods, but it's still up in the air as 1.8 is practically around the corner and things are gonna get out of date and changed. I'll brew on it and consider which mods I'll support, but if you have suggestions, I'm happy to hear them!

Take care everyone! I'll be putting a link in the sidebar so you don't have to go through every post to get the latest updates!


  1. Just thought I'd drop by and say this is awesome! Keep up the good work!

    I was so sad when 1.8 came out and I had to switch back to the default skin so I'm really happy to be able to use this again.

  2. I love this texturepack, and hope you'll update it for 1.0.0 again! I'd really love to use this =D