Sunday, April 26, 2015

About Donations

There’s been a change in the way you can donate to me. I’ve been fighting PayPal for a while trying to get them to let me get money to go through on my account and my bank is being uncooperative as well, so I changed the donations to Amazon Gift Cards. You can send as little as $.50 (us) if you like to CCraft. I might add things later on like tea or snacks that keep me going. For now, I’ll just dip my toe in the water with this process, since I am fed up with Paypal and their stupid account freezing ways. Nobody is under any obligation to send money. I am happy to continue making textures for a game and show I love.

For the wonderful person who sent me the $2 over Ko-fi, I apologize. If you still like what I do, that's great, but don't feel obligated to resend that money because Paypal refunded it to you. I hope you can forgive me for failing to get my account straightened out with Paypal, I take the blame for not getting that settled immediately. 

Stay positive!